Pub Code Adjudicator unworkable?: The British Beer and Pub Association has published strong criticism of the scope and lack of transition to the new regime with the adjudicator due to start work on 26 May. View >

Estate agents warned: The Competition and Markets Authority has warned Estate Agents over the competition implications of agreements surrounding which property websites to use. View >

Ciquatoxin food poisoning: EFSA has announced that it is to work with six member states to tackle an emerging food poisoning issue associated with mediterranean sea fish. View >

Calcium cyanamide: The EU Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks has published a risk assessment for this fertiliser. View >

Tuna sourcing: Greenpeace have publically criticised John West over apparent use of a fish aggregating device by one of its suppliers.  View >

Timber sourcing: The EU has agreed a treaty with Indonesia to implement a licensing regime to ensure sustainable timber sourcing. View >

Shrinking pack sizes: Which have highlighted several brands where products had reduced in size without corresponding reductions in price. View >

Simplification of remedies: The Competition and Markets Authority has announced further activity to simplify the range of remedies it applies. View >