Effective May 15, 2009, TSX-listed companies are required to provide the exchange with additional information regarding newly appointed directors, officers and trustees. Specifically, the TSX has updated its Form 3 – Change in Officers/Directors/Trustees ("Form 3") to require for each new appointee:

  • previously used names;
  • 10 year address history;
  • citizenship; and
  • contact details.

As well, the TSX will now no longer require non-exempt issuers to file a Form 4 – Personal Information Form (a "PIF") for all new appointees who have completed the updated Form 3. The TSX will still require a PIF for all original listings or at any time upon request.

The TSX believes that the additional information will allow it to conduct a meaningful media review of the new directors, officers and trustees.

The updated Form 3 still is required to be filed within 10 days of any change in officers, directors or trustees (including change in title, removal or appointment).