The City of Raleigh's planning staff is in the final days -- literally, two days -- of the period in which it will accept public comments from citizens on the City's Zoning District Remapping Project, about which we've blogged here and here.  We've also drafted an easily digestible summary of the Zoning District Remapping Project process, available here

Public comment in this phase of the Raleigh Zoning District Remapping Project closes September 30.

Approximately 30% of Raleigh's land area is proposed to be rezoned under the Zoning District Remapping Project.  The City has mailed 45,354 postcards to property owners within Raleigh's planning jurisdiction (which is beyond the City limits, notably) announcing that their property, or property adjacent to theirs, is proposed to be rezoned.

Public comment closes on September 30, after which the final draft map of the Zoning District Remapping Project will be delivered to the City's Planning Commission on October 14 for its review. A public hearing will be held before the City Council prior to final action on the final draft map, however property owners and neighbors are well advised to "get in" before the process moves too far down the road.

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"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Yes, even when it comes to zoning."