The minimum wage is the lowest amount that may legally be paid to an employee. While the Labour Code (Act No. 262/2006 Coll.) establishes basic rules governing the minimum wage, Government Regulation No. 567/2006 Coll. provides more detailed regulation of the minimum wage, minimum guaranteed wage levels, the definition of a difficult work environment and the wage premium for work done in difficult conditions lays down the basic minimum wage amount, other minimum wage amounts associated with limited employee work and the conditions for providing a minimum wage.

Government Regulation No. 210/2013 Coll. changed the abovementioned Minimum Wage Regulation. Effective 1 August 2013, the basic minimum wage for a 40-hour workweek increases to CZK 8,500 a month or CZK 50/60 an hour. For employees on a disability pension, the regulation maintains the minimum wage level for disabled employees with at the level effective from 1 January 2013.