Answering a question certified to it by the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, the Florida Supreme Court has, in the context of a dispute between an insured and its insurance broker involving purely economic losses, ruled that the state’s “economic loss rule is limited to products liability cases.” Tiara Condo. Ass’n v. Marsh & McClennan Cos., Inc., No. SC10-1022 (Fla., decided March 7, 2013). The rule, created by the courts, prohibits a tort action if the only damages suffered are economic losses. According to the five-member court majority, the rule was subject to “unprincipled expansion” over the years to other types of cases and that this expansion “was unwise and unworkable in practice.” The two dissenting jurists contend that the majority has expanded the use of tort law “at a cost to Florida’s contract law. Now, there are tort claims and remedies which, because of the economic loss rule, were previously the only remedies available.”