The US Senate last week approved J. Christopher Giancarlo as Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and Brian D. Quintenz and Rostin Benham as Commissioners. The approval of Dawn Stump as a CFTC Commissioner, as recommended by the Senate’s Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry was deferred. (Click here for background on the consideration of the four CFTC commissioners in the article “Senate Ag Committee Considers Three CFTC Commissioner Nominees This Week; Hunter Pierce to be Nominated as SEC Commissioner” in the July 23, 2017 edition of Bridging the Week.) Separately, the Senate approved Neil Chatterjee and Robert Powelson to become Commissioners of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, while Kevin McIntyre and Richard Glick were nominated by President Donald Trump to serve as FERC Commissioners.

Policy and Politics: The Senate will likely not confirm Ms. Stump, a Republican, until another Democrat is nominated to be a CFTC Commissioner, After last week’s Senate approval, two commissioners, including the Chairman, are Republicans; one is a Democrat. Sharon Bowen, a second Democratic commissioner, has announced her intent to leave the CFTC. (Click here for details in the article, "Acting CFTC Chairman J. Christopher Giancarolo Testifies Before US Senate Ag Committee; Commissioner Sharon Bowen Reveals Intent to Leave in the June 25, 2017 edition of Bridging the Week.)