On 22 February 2011, JACS published its Annual Report, which covers the period January to December 2010 (the "Report").

The Report showed that the number of enquiries received by JACS fell by approximately 10%. It noted that JACS handled fewer enquiries related to issues such as the minimum wage and statutory holiday entitlement. JACS believed that this might be an indication that employers and employees were becoming more aware of their rights and obligations under the Employment (Jersey) Law 2003. Continuing a trend observed at the start of 2009, the Report stated that JACS received a greater volume of enquiries in relation to more complex issues such as organisational restructuring and redundancy.  

The Report highlighted that of the 160 claims passed to JACS by the Tribunal, 75% were settled with JACS assistance, in addition to claims resolved by JACS prior to proceedings being issued.  

Regarding proposed new laws in Jersey in relation to employment, the Report noted that work on maternity, paternity and family friendly legislation remained in train and that further steps towards the implementation of discrimination legislation had been postponed.  

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