As part of its research programme the IICSA is considering abuse within the health sector. Whilst none of the current investigations focus on this sector it remains a possibility that a future investigation will do so. To shape knowledge of abuse within this sector, two days of seminars will be held on 26 and 27 September at which a variety of issues will be discussed. The seminars will be available to watch live on the Inquiry’s website and then be available for subsequent review.

Earlier in the year the Inquiry circulated a paper to select health organisations asking for responses to various questions which will now provide the basis for next week’s discussions. On Tuesday morning the workforce will be discussed; in the afternoon the topic is regulation, governance and accountability; and Wednesday will focus on culture and leadership. Within those topics safe recruitment, training and whistleblowing policies will also be considered. The Inquiry wants to understand the extent to which current practices protect children from being sexually abused and consider ways to ensure that children are better protected from sexual abuse in future. It will be seeking information and views about the steps that have been taken to protect children from sexual abuse in recent years, the effectiveness of current child protection arrangements and what more can be done to protect children.

A summary of the responses to the initial questions has been published in advance of the seminars next week.

Representatives from a range of organisations, including NHS England, NHS Wales, the Care Quality Commission and the Royal College of Nursing will also participate in discussions at the seminar.