As the presidential primary season draws to a close in the coming weeks, Republican candidate Donald Trump is preparing for a fight at the convention to claim delegate votes and win the party’s presidential nomination. One strategy the Trump campaign has recently adopted is adding political veterans to the campaign staff who have experience winning primaries. One local political operative told CBS Philly that, “You see more senior and seasoned state political operatives moving into the Trump operation. People I have a very high regard for, like Jim Schultz who worked for your former Governor…these guys are pros. They know how to win primaries. They know the lay of the land. They know the players. I think you have a new sophistication on the part of the Trump operation.” Jim told The Philadelphia Inquirer that, “We were putting together a real grassroots ground game, unlike what the Trump campaign has had in other states.” Trump won the Republican primary race in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, April 26.