In a judgement rendered on November 12, 2015, the IP Court sustained the TIPO's decision that had rejected an application for registration of the word mark "甜甜圈" ("donut" in Chinese) for the services category of "telecommunication connection on Internet, online information transmission, electronic transmission of mail, providing Internet chatroom, etc." in Class 38. The IP Court referred to several news articles reporting that "…a new technology centered on donut-shaped laser light beams called optical vortices, in which the light twists like a tornado as it moves along the beam path, serves to increase bandwidth dramatically".  The relevant consumers may be under the impression that the Class 38 services "online information transmission, etc." bearing the term "甜甜圈" are provided by utilizing said technology which exploits the donut-shaped laser light beams. Therefore, the term "甜甜圈" is unable to function as a source-identifier for those services.  In addition, other enterprises in the same industry may need to use such a term to describe the technology applied in their services. If anyone is granted an exclusive use right to said term "甜甜圈", it would impair market competition.