EBA publishes mortgage PII standards: EBA has published its final draft technical standards on the minimum amount of professional indemnity insurance (PII) or comparable guarantees that mortgage credit intermediaries should hold. The standards set an amount for each individual claim (EUR 460,000) and an aggregate amount per calendar year for all claims (EUR 750,000). EBA has passed the standards to the Commission which will now adopt them as a Regulation. (Source: EBA Publishes Mortgage PII Standards)

EBA consolidates regulatory capital Q&As: EBA has published a consolidated document with all the Q&As on the fourth Capital Requirements Directive and the Capital Requirements Regulation. The document will be updated every three months. (Source: Single Rulebook Q&As)

EBA reports on reflecting pensions liabilities on own funds: EBA has published its final report on whether the revised International Accounting Standard 19, together with the deduction of pension assets from Common Equity and changes on pension liabilities, could lead to undue volatility of a bank's own funds.The report concludes that in most cases there may be limited volatility, and EBA suggests that banks with defined benefit pension plans should incorporate potential losses in their capital planning. (Source: EBA Analyses Impact of Pension Plans in Capital)