C, who was 62 years old at Trial, was found to have suffered from binaural hearing loss.

He complained about his NHS hearing aid which he found was unsuitable and which tended to screech in certain circumstances.

Medical evidence on behalf of C suggested that C would be better served with two hearing aids from the private market. The life expectancy of the aids was five years. The evidence also submitted that the need to wear a hearing aid had been accelerated by 15 years from the date of Trial.

The District Judge found that Specsavers hearing aids at £1,895 per pair and £500.00 for Bluetooth technology were appropriate (initial cost of £2,395.00).

Future costs were allowed at £4,044.44.

He also allowed for the costs of batteries, regular servicing and extended warranty charges, both current and future which totalled £380.00 and £4,765.20 respectively.

The award for the special damages exceeded the award for general damages (£7,950.00).