Patent reform is widely being discussed now since Congress passed the legislation last week and President Obama is waiting to sign the legislation.  I found it interesting that a leading university group, AUTM, applauded the passage on their website, whereas a leading angel investor I listened to is against it.  The issue there is whether the massive change and uncertainty would represent increased risk and prevent investments.

At a NanoBusiness Commercialization conference, we will be presenting a panel in Boston on Monday morning September 26, 2011 to discuss patent reform and other important developments in patent law.  In particular, the panel will include representatives from the start-up community.  We hope you can join us.  Patent reform is not unique to the nanotech and cleantech innovation communities, but the communities thrive best on a well-functioning patent system.

Perhaps the leading clear point on patent reform is that organizations which master the new patent era will be better situated compared to those that do not.