The Indonesia Stock Exchange (“IDX”) has amended its regulations on the trading of equity securities through IDX Board of Directors’ Resolution No. Kep-00108/BEI/2020, which was issued on 4 December 2020 (“Amended Rules”).

Below are the key changes introduced by the Amended Rules:

  1. Trading hours

IDX trading hours have been revised as follows:

a. Regular Market

b. Cash Market

c. Negotiated Market

The above new trading hours will enter into effect on 26 July 2021.

  1. Auto Rejection

JATS will automatically reject price orders that are entered on the regular and cash markets if:


  1. Indicative Equilibrium Price (IEP) and Indicative Equilibrium Volume (IEV)

Going ahead, JATS will display information on IEP and IEV during the pre-opening and pre-closing sessions. The Amended Rules define IEP as the indicated transaction price, calculated using the JATS price formation algorithm. IEV is defined as indicated transaction volume, using the JATS price formation algorithm. This is a new provision that will enter into effect on 26 July 2021.

  1. Market Orders

The Amended Rules introduce a new alternative mechanism for traders’ orders. Previously, a trader (via a securities custodian/broker) could only submit a limit order where the order was limited by the number of shares and a price that had been determined by the trader. Under the Amended Rules, a trader may now submit an order to the custodian/broker based on transaction volume (market order). The market order mechanism will be available in the regular market (except during the pre-closing session) and the cash market starting from 26 July 2021.