Following the publication of the government’s response to the consultation on simplifying the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (the CRC),a draft order has now been laid before parliament and the devolved administration for parliamentary scrutiny. We summarised the main changes to be introduced in the previous edition of this newsletter.

The draft CRC order also contains some previously unannounced changes to be aware of – for example, the start dates of the remaining six phases are different from those specified in the CRC Order 2010, the phases have been renumbered and the deadline for applications for registration has changed. Accordingly, looking ahead to what was called phase 2, and under the draft order is now called the initial phase, registration for those qualifying for the next phase is expected to have to be made on or before 31 January 2014, not 30 September 2013.

Whether an organisation (as determined on the qualification date of 31 March 2013) qualifies for registration depends on whether it has at least one settled half-hourly meter and whether 6,000 megawatt hours of electricity or more has been consumed through such meters between 1 April 2012 to 31 March 2013 – if it has, it will be in. The Environment Agency published guidance on assessing qualification for the second phase in December of last year.