An artist, Maurice Agis, was fined £10k for safety failures which led to an inflatable artwork breaking free from its moorings and being lifted 30 feet into the air causing the death of two women and injuring 27 others. However, the jury were unable to reach a verdict on two counts of gross negligence manslaughter which prevented a possible prison sentence. The artwork was made from plastic sheeting glued together to form tubes which people were able walk through. The artwork had previously been installed in Liverpool, but was closed on several occasions due to problems caused by wind. The incident occurred at Chester-le-Street where it was determined that the structure was able to break free from its moorings due to an inadequate number of pegs securing it. It was also found that a smaller version of the artwork had undergone a similar incident in 1986 in Germany and it was considered that lessons should have been learned to ensure that the same problem did not reoccur, particularly when the size of the artwork had been increased to allow more people inside it.