The State of Hesse has decided to implement the use of drones into its daily practice. For this purpose, the police acquired four drones to help with their work in the region starting in February 2018. In order to operate the drones, each of the eight future drone pilots must complete a two-week workshop containing theoretical and practical modules. The drones will be used at accident sites and crime scenes in particular. They will not replace police helicopters but will broaden the possibilities of police work.

The drone type used – Yuneec H520 – fulfills the strict requirements of data protection thanks to its sophisticated encryption technology. However, there are some restrictions to the drones' reach. For example, the drones will not fly by instruments but by sight at 50 metres and never at night.

To ensure the necessary safety standard, the drones will not be used above large crowds at demonstrations or sporting events. However, they can be used to provide images of accidents, which could prove especially useful if further investigations are dangerous for the police (eg, in an accident involving pollutants). Drones can help determine distances and secure evidence.

If and how drones will be used in the future depends on the success of this test phase.


The police have demonstrated significant initiative in involving modern drone technology in their work and it should be welcomed, especially as the necessary safety measures are safeguarded.

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