After receiving more than 28,000 comments to the February 2013 Notice and Request for Information regarding student debt issues, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Director Richard Cordray announced during a field hearing on student loan debt today that the bureau has published a new report discussing how high student debt — particularly from private student loans — is preventing many consumers from achieving "a full financial life" and could be harmful to "recovering consumer markets." Whereas traditionally, consumers with student debt "typically had higher income and were therefore more likely to buy a home," today the opposite appears to be trending: those saddled with student loan debt are refraining from purchasing homes and cars as well as starting businesses. In addition, these consumers are shying away from moving to rural communities that may necessitate home and car ownership, and are relying on their parents while being unable to begin their own retirement savings. The report features several potential policy and market-based solutions that would help borrowers who pay on time refinance their loans, and would provide a "road to recovery" for borrowers in distress and a "credit clean slate" for borrowers in default. For more, read the full press release, prepared remarks and report.