From the mounting backlash against the EU’s sweeping plan for enforcing copyright on the internet, to whether it subsists in the taste of cheese – November was a month like no other in the world of IP.

So without further ado, Here are all of this month updates from around the web.

EU Copyright Directive (The Internet is Not Happy)

This month consultation in the European parliament on a directive for member states on copyright has led to some serious concern from web giants and the wider internet community.

Of particular concern is: Article 11 which people believe proposes a “link tax” on content aggregators; and Article 13 whose amendments, it is argued, would result in wholesale changes to the obligations of web platforms who host copyright content (which, is pretty much all of them).

Both of these measures seek to protect creators of original content who, under the current regime – are seen to lose out to others gaining advantage from unauthorised use of their work. Though upon review many suggest that the implementation of the directive might cause more harm than good – in diminishing the digital platforms that creatives use for their livelihoods.

In November, The European Parliament voted in favour of the directive, putting the wheels in motion for EU members states to have to pass their own corresponding legislation.

Many suggest that changes would mean would have to review all material being uploaded onto their platform for copyright infringement – before it is made available to audiences.

For online content platforms such as YouTube and Reddit this would be incredibly difficult to administer, as they find themselves hosting an abundance of new content on a day to day basis. These companies say should the directive (and Article 13) come to pass, this might mean that they are unable to continue operating in Europe entirely.

As a consequence, platforms such as the above have begun activism to educate and mobilise their user bases in order to lobby against the initiative under the hashtag #saveyourinternet.

We will be following up this particular issue in detail in a forthcoming piece of insight – but in the meantime here is what others have said about Article 11 and 13 this month.

The Verge cover YouTube’s initial reaction and campaign against Article 13. This is of particular interest as it demonstrates’s YouTube’s stance on the issue.

Finally, The SSL Store look at Google’s reaction to Article 11, their precedent response in Spain, and how might react to push back from Article 13.

Whether or not Europe experiences a Google “blackout” the same ilk as China as a consequence, or other internet services “take their ball and go home” at the challenges the Directive brings to the fore, remains to be seen…

CJEU brie-lieve the taste of cheese cannot be subject to copyright

(I would like to apologise for the terrible pun in the heading for this story.)

In other news from the continent this month – Advocate General Wathelet issued an opinion in the EU pertaining to whether a cheese (specifically the Dutch spreadable “Hesk’nkaas”) could be considered a “work” on account of it’s distinct taste.

AG Wathelet’s opinion was that it could not – but his reasoning has led some to some discussion; specifically around the concept of originality in cheese, and whether taste could be considered a work.I

In this post, the IPKat takes a look at the opinion and it’s technical controversies.

In this post, The Business Standard looks at the contradictions inherent in in the opinion, why perfume and not cheese?

Amazon Brand Registry Faces Hacker Problem

It was announced this month that Amazon have been experiencing a growing issue with hackers intercepting trade mark credentials in order to list counterfeit goods as official on the Amazon brand registry.

To be specific, a growing number of exploits have been found whereby hacking into a USPTO database, rogue traders have been able to go through Amazon’s Brand Registry and denote their goods as genuine to prospective customers.

Amazon have pledged to work with the USPTO in order to resolve this issue, however it comes as another blow to brands’ trust in the platform – with luxury providers historically circumspect of the selling platform.

Bloomberg Law’s report provides further detail on this story.

Recode’s piece provides some insight into the growing “revolt” of brands rising up against Amazon.

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