Kaspersky Lab, a past member of theBusiness Software Alliance (“BSA”), which enforces copyrights on behalf of software publishers, announced recently that it has disassociated itself from the BSA in opposition of the BSA’s support for the controversial “Stop Online Piracy Act” (“SOPA”).

SOPA would enable the government to issue orders compelling Internet service providers (ISPs) and website operators to ban foreign web sites accused of software piracy or copyright infringement without a formal hearing. Kaspersky objects to the broad scope ofpowers the legislation would bestow on the government, and it is making itsopposition known through its actions.

By contrast, SOPA supporters argue that thelegislation would be an effective tool to combat software piracy and onlinecopyright infringement and that it would work in tandem with the DigitalMillennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”). However, despite its stated support for thebill, the BSA has acknowledged that the legislation may require some revisions inorder to ensure that privacy and security interests are adequately protected.