On October 3, Bill C-313, An Act to Amend the Food and Drugs Act (Non-Corrective Cosmetic Contact Lenses) was introduced in Parliament. The proposed legislation seeks to classify cosmetic contact lenses as class II medical devices (i.e., the same as corrective lenses). While widely considered a novelty item, cosmetic contact lenses have been associated with various complications, including the risk of vision loss if the lenses are not properly fitted to the eye or use and care instructions are not followed. A risk assessment by Health Canada in 2003 concluded that since there is no difference between how cosmetic contact lenses and corrective contact lenses are inserted and interact with the eye, they should be regulated in the same manner. It is hoped that the regulation of cosmetic contact lenses will reduce the prevalence of complications related to improper use and handling by users. Notably, classifying cosmetic contact lenses as medical devices will require the products sold in Canada to be licensed through Health Canada and distributors of the products will require a medical device establishment licence.

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