In a reorganization, FinCEN formed the Strategic Operations Division ("Strategic Ops") to direct FinCEN’s operational information sharing and engagement with domestic and international stakeholders. The new Division will be responsible for strategic partnerships with financial institutions, government stakeholders, and FinCEN's foreign counterparts.

According to FinCEN, Strategic Ops replaces the former Liaison Division, and comprises three offices: (i) the Office of Operational Information and Development, (ii) the Office of Stakeholder Integration and Engagement, and (iii) the Global Threat Engagement Center.

FinCEN named AnnaLou Tirol as the Associate Director for Strategic Ops and Patrick O'Brien as the Deputy Associate Director.


Draft legislation (covered here) would require FinCEN to share threat patterns and trends with financial institutions and to strengthen information sharing among FinCEN, law enforcement, and financial institutions. FinCEN's new Strategic Ops Division will have a major role to play in both areas if and when AML reform legislation is enacted.