On November 12, officials with the European Commission said the European Union (EU) would postpone emissions trading scheme (ETS) fees on international aircraft operations for one year. The EU’s decision was prompted by the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) indication that it was working to provide a frame work for a global system to address CO2 emissions.

Connie Hedegaard, commissioner for Climate Action, said in a statement that the EU will “stop the clock” on the ETS in an effort to further the “positive atmosphere” surrounding ICAO’s plans. Hedegaard confirmed that the moratorium only applies to international aviation operations.

What This Means to You

If you operate aircraft to and from an EU country, you may delay compliance with the ETS requirements. However, the EU has indicated the ETS measure could automatically be reinstated if ICAO does not develop a global system for addressing CO2 emissions within a year.