ICE has updated its Q&As first published last month regarding new reporting obligations by certain market participants related to their wholesale energy transactions under the European Union’s Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT). Under REMIT, such transactions (whether executed or unexecuted orders) must be reported via a registered reporting mechanism beginning October 7. ICE will report relevant natural gas and electricity transactions on ICE Endex Derivatives B.V., ICE Endex Gas B.V., ICE Endex Spot Ltd., and ICE Futures Europe via ICE Trade Vault Europe. Impacted market participants are required to obtain an ACER code and provide it and/or a legal entity identifier to the exchanges to enable them to submit required information to ACER. Market participants can opt out of the exchanges’ automatic reporting if they want. REMIT, adopted in 2011, was designed to enhance the transparency and stability of European energy markets while prohibiting insider trading and market manipulation.