On August 12, 2013, the Ministry of Economy published in the Federal Official Gazette the Mexican Official Standard NOM-024-SCFI-2013 - Commercial Information for Packages, Instruction Manuals and Warranties of Electronic and Electric Products and Household Appliances, which substitutes NOM-024-SCFI-1998, which was in force since 1999.

What NOM-024-SCFI-2013 says

The main changes contained in NOM-024-SCFI-2013 are the following:

  1.  Definitions: Certain definitions are amended (warning, electronic product, electric product, household appliance,  and instruction manual) and some are added (electronic information storage media).
  2. Refurbished, used or second hand goods: The scope of NOM-024-SCFI-2013 now states that labels, instruction manuals and warranty cards of electronic and electric products and household appliances that qualify as refurbished, used or second hand goods are not subject to compliance with NOM-017-SCFI-1993 "Commercial and labeling information for refurbished, used or second hand, second line, discontinued and out of specification goods". The foregoing since NOM-024-SCFI-2013 contains specific provisions that are applicable to such products.
  3. Electrical Rating: The new standard provides examples of how the electrical rating must be declared. Moreover, it states that products that are sold as systems must indicate, at least, the electrical rating of the main unit.

Actions to Consider 

NOM-024-SCFI-2013 incorporates minor changes to NOM-024-SCFI-1998, which will be cancelled and substituted once NOM-024-SCFI-2013 becomes effective. As a result of the above, importers, producers and retailers of electronic and electric products, household appliances and their accessories and supplies that are sold in Mexico and that are destined to end-users must ensure that the labels, instruction manuals and warranty cards of their products comply with the requirements set forth in this new standard.

In addition to the above, if the importer, producer or retailer has secured certificates of conformity (Constancias de Conformidad) issued by an authorized verification unit, or certificates of commercial information analysis (certificados de análisis de información comercial) issued by the Federal Consumer's Protection Agency (PROFECO), they will need to take the corresponding measures, since such certificates demonstrated compliance with a Mexican Official Standard that will no longer be in force.


NOM-024-SCFI-2013 will become effective on October 11, 2013. Thus, it is important to confirm whether goods subject to compliance with this standard are compliant and, if the company has secured certificates of conformity or certificates of commercial information analysis, to take the corresponding measures before this new standard enters into force.