With the holiday season among us, many employers are forced to make a difficult decision as to which holidays they will give their employees off from work.  This year, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day all fall on weekdays.  Although many employers want give their employees time to enjoy the holidays, four days off in a ten day period can have a significant financial impact and impair your ability to meet job deadlines. 

The Delaware town of Bethany Beach imposes restrictions on heavy construction activities (to include the delivery and supply of materials, removal of refuse from construction sites, or the starting up on engines of mechanized construction equipment or vehicles) on recognized holidays.  Due to a mistake by the Bethany Beach police department, several contractors recently received fines for working on the day after Thanksgiving.  Apparently the police consulted the list of holidays for town employees instead of the code enforcement department's list of no-work holidays.  The fines were later revered by the town (see Delaware News Journal Article on the fines here).  Bethany Beach does include Christmas Day and New Year's Day as no-work holidays.

Does your business typically close down operations on the day after Thanksgiving?  Which days will your business be closed during the Christmas / New Years holiday?  Do no-work day ordinances impact either of these decisions?