There is a long-time maxim that one of the most important determinants in the mind of a real estate purchaser is “location, location, location.” While that is still true in the case of condominiums, purchasers’ buying-decisions are also influenced by the amenities provided in the condominium. For those condominiums with small individual units, the amenities help expand the owner’s living space. For luxury condominium projects, the amenities just add to the luxury. There seems to be no limit to the creativity of developers when it comes to condo amenities.

A developer in London, England has announced that it will build a luxury condominium project with a “sky pool” connecting two buildings. The sky pool will be suspended 10 storeys high and provide a view to the ground below through the clear 20 cm thick acrylic swimming pool bottom. As this is a world “first”, this sky pool will definitely differentiate this development from its competition!