This fall, during the electoral campaign, Québec’s government announced its intention to develop the northern Québec region as to favour tourism, forestry and mining exploration on this vast territory.

For the mining industry, this project means that the government intends to accelerate its support for exploration and to adapt workforce training to businesses’ realities, with the objective of creating 4,000 new jobs in this sector within the next 10 years. Géologie Québec’s budget will be raised in order to accelerate the mapping of the territory and to target the sites presenting an economic interest. The budget allowance of the Mining Heritage Fund will also be raised as to ensure the funding of continuing exploration work and to support Quebec’s innovation and exploration organizations.

Finally, as to the training programs for the workforce, the government wishes to establish an “Institut national des mines”. The role of this institute would be to coordinate training with all of the interested parties in the mining industry.