The FCC has announced July 9, 2008 as the effective date of the new newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership rule, which was adopted by the agency last December in connection with its 2006 Quadrennial Review of the broadcast ownership rules. The new rule leaves intact the general prohibition on common ownership of a same-market newspaper and broadcast station but establishes criteria for the Commission to evaluate proposed new combinations on a case-by-case basis and allow such combinations in limited circumstances. Announcement of the effective date has implications for certain licensees who have sought waiver of the cross-ownership rule. Specifically, licensees with pending waiver requests for existing combinations involving more than one newspaper and/or broadcast station, and entities granted temporary waivers pending completion of the FCC's rulemaking, have until October 7, 2008 (90 days from the effective date) to either amend their waiver or renewal requests, or file a request for a permanent waiver. Existing newspaper/broadcast combinations that were grandfathered by the Commission in 1975, that were granted a permanent waiver of the cross-ownership rule, or that are operating under temporary waivers and consist of one daily newspaper and a single television or radio station may continue to operate as a combination.