On the 29th of June 2015, ESMA issued an opinion on the emergency measure introduced by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission (HCMC) under Article 20 of the Regulation. The measure consisted of a temporary prohibition of transactions in any financial instrument that create, or increase, a net short position on any of the shares admitted to trading on the Athens Exchange and the Multilateral Trading Facility of “EN.A” (Alternative Market of the Athens Exchange) of which the relevant Competent Authority is HCMC and was applied from 30th June 2015 at 00.00.01 CET to the 6th July 2015 at 24:00:00 (CET). ESMA considers that adverse developments which constitute a serious threat to market confidence in the Greek market still persist, that the measures are appropriate and proportionate, and that it is necessary and appropriate for HCMC to impose a short selling ban on shares and ETFs units that would last until the end of September.