A number of further announcements have been made during July following on from last year’s floods. These include an agreement on flood insurance on 11 July, a demonstration scheme for landowners to reduce flooding, financial assistance for Great Yarmouth and North Norfolk, a £5m scheme to support households which face a particular risk of flooding, a consultation on appraisal for flooding and coastal erosion risk management and a statement that, at the end of June, around 3,400 households are either living in temporary accommodation, in caravans or the top floor of their homes - down from 5,659 at the end of April and 4,716 at the end of May. Water UK has also issued its final report on the floods which incorporates a checklist of actions for the water industry to act on its own and in collaboration with others.

Links: http://www.defra.gov.uk/news/2008/080704a.htm