MPs are set to complete the debate on the Alcohol Reform Bill before Parliament adjourns for Christmas.

The Business Committee has determined that the Bill will receive its committee stage debate this coming Thursday, 6 December 2012 with final voting on the Bill and amendments to begin at 5.30pm. The third reading of the Bill is then scheduled for the following Tuesday, 11 December.

The Business Committee has determined that the debate will consider Part 6 of the Bill (relating to licensing trusts, community and other matters), the new Part 8 (about amendments to excise tax and excise-equivalent duties tables), and the new Part 11 (which is an amendment to the Land Transport Act 1998).

Earlier this year, Parliament backed the status quo on the alcohol purchasing age and the Government's amendments to some parts of the Bill (mainly relating to licensing considerations), before the debate was put on the back burner.