Following an inquest into the death of a sickness beneficiary who had been under mental health care for 20 years, a Coroner has raised concerns about the adequacy of medical treatment, hygiene, and general welfare care available to mental health consumers when they are placed in the community. In this case, the deceased was not eligible for direct home help to assist with house-cleaning or other personal cares "despite the acknowledged fact that [the deceased] had an impairment in managing these areas". The Coroner noted that: "It is not acceptable. Before the de-institutionalisation that occurred in the 1990s neither the patient nor his family/whanau/or caregivers would have to have dealt with this situation, so why should it not be adequately provided in this 'enlightened time'". The Coroner recommended that the DHB review its protocols "as to ensuring that where a patient is under a community based order, that the patient is placed in the community with the requisite health hygiene and care facilities and that these are robustly monitored", and made a similar recommendation to the Minister of Health. Rosimini [2011] NZCorC 96