As of January 24, 2014, employers in Jersey City with 10 or more employees must provide up to 40 hours of paid sick leave annually. Covered employees include full-time, part-time, and certain temporary employees (such as interns), who work more than 80 hours per year in Jersey City. To be eligible for statutory sick leave, employees must work at least 90 days with accrual beginning on the first day of employment. Employees may use sick leave for a variety of reasons, including the employee’s own medical illness or treatment, as well as for that of a family member. Although paid sick time is carried over to the following calendar year, employers are not required to carry over more than 40 hours from one calendar year to the next. The ordinance prohibits retaliation and/or discrimination against an employee who uses leave or complains about an employer who engages in misconduct with respect to the leave entitlement and employers may not take any adverse action against an employee because of the employee’s use of sick leave.

The Jersey City Department of Health and Human Services (the Department) has created a poster in the form of an “FAQ” document for employees, available in English, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, and Tagalog. The poster must be displayed in English and in any language that is the first language of at least 10 percent of the employer’s workforce (provided the Department has made available a translation of the poster into such language). The employer must also provide individual written notice as to the law to all new hires at the beginning of employment, as well as to current employees as soon as practicable, in English and the primary language spoken by that employee.

The Ordinance can be found here and the FAQ is located here.