The ACMA has announced that it has completed its consideration of submissions made in response to its 'Telephone numbering: Future directions' Consultation Paper, which makes 24 proposals aiming to increase the flexibility and efficiency of telephone numbering arrangements in Australia.

In its Response to Submissions paper, the ACMA has indicated that it intends to, among other things:

  • allow for more flexible use of general numbers;
  • provide further capacity for mobile numbers in the 05 number range in the medium term, while removing unnecessary technical limitations in the specification of those numbers;
  • streamline the Numbering Plan to make numbering arrangements simpler and more transparent for consumers and providers; and
  • introduce measures to improve number management and charging, including the removal of chargers from carrier access codes, which will improve efficiency and encourage development of new services.

For more information, please see the ACMA Media Release. To view a copy of the Consultation Paper, please click here. To view the ACMA's Response to Submissions, please click here.