The information centre of the Ministry of Industry and Information (“MIIT”) published the 2018 China Blockchain Industry Whitepaper (“Whitepaper”) on 20 May 2018. This is the first official whitepaper concerning the blockchain industry in China.

According to the Whitepaper, by the end of March 2018, there were 456 blockchain technology companies in China. The Whitepaper analyses the development of blockchain technology in various segments, such as the construction of its platform, its hardware manufacturing and infrastructure, security protection, and the industry’s service organisations. In addition, it also explains various applications of blockchain technology in the financial sector and the real economy.

The Whitepaper predicts that blockchain is already at the forefront of global technological development, and that it will be widely applied in the Chinese real economy and will become a major support for the construction of a digital China. The Chinese government will further improve the supervision and standardization of the blockchain industry.

Please click here to read the full text (Chinese only) of the Whitepaper.