HHS Receives Detailed Comments on Proposed HIPAA changes: The HHS Office of Civil Rights will have their hands full as they review the thousands of pages of comments filed in response to their proposal to modify the HIPAA privacy, security and enforcement rules. The filing deadline for the comments was September 13, 2010. The comments focused on a range of issues including concerns about the cost and impracticability of allowing patients to restrict certain information submitted to healthcare providers from being shared with insurance companies. The comments also touched on the proposed modification to the HIPAA requirements requiring business associates and their subcontractors to comply with privacy and security rules. While commenters generally applauded the proposal, many expressed concern with the proposed requirement that entities covered by HIPAA modify their business associate agreements to reflect the latest changes, claiming that the proposed rule would be unduly burdensome. Some commenters also requested an extension to the 180-day compliance requirement, asking that entities receive a full year to come into compliance once the final rules become effective.