The High Court of England and Wales has given summary judgment in favour of Firebuy Limited (Firebuy) in relation to some of the claims brought by Lion Apparel Systems Limited (Lion) regarding an unsuccessful bid for a contract to supply fire fighters’ equipment and related services. Firebuy was the contracting authority responsible for acquiring fire-fighter uniforms and equipment. In 2003 a contract was advertised which was eventually awarded to Bristol Uniforms Limited (Bristol). Lion took an action before the High Court alleging breaches of the procurement rules. The High Court issued a summary judgment dismissing Lion’s claim that Bristol should have been disqualified from the tender process for non-disclosure of criminal convictions; that Firebuy had made manifest errors in the scoring of technical files submitted with the bids; and that there had been favoritism in relation to a legal mark up in the bidding process. However, the High Court did allow a range of other claims to proceed to full trial. These include allegations concerning bias in the manner of provision of feedback and changes to mandatory bid requirements.