Videx, Inc., a Corvalis-based manufacturer of electronic access control products, has sued lock manufacturer Medeco Security Locks, Inc., for infringement of Videx’s U.S. Patent No. D457,051, entitled “Key for Electronic Lock.” However, Videx’s Complaint is short on details and does not specifically identify the allegedly infringing Medeco product(s). Rather, Videx alleges only that Medeco has made, used, imported, offered to sell, or sold “keys" embodying the patented invention.

What does the patented design look like? According to the drawings, like this:  

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In case you are having trouble visualizing what this might look like in practice, as I did, photos of Videx electronic key products that appear to embody the invention can be found on the Videx website here (under the “Keys” tab).

The case, Civ. No. 10-832-ST, has been assigned to the Hon. Janice M. Stewart.