Those colleges that made their HTS applications by 30 April 2010 were all initially supposed to have received a decision by 30 June 2010. A small number of colleges are yet to receive a final decision on their HTS application. We understand that the UKBA are working to get the final decisions made within the next couple of weeks.

There are a number of HTS applications still pending for those sponsors that have (since the date of the submission of their HTS application) received letters from the UKBA regarding the reduction of their CAS allocation or the downgrading of their licence from an A to B. It seems that if final decisions are made to reduce the CAS allocation/downgrade then the UKBA will use these decisions to refuse the HTS application, without having to consider the substantive HTS application.

Penningtons continues to work closely with the HTS team at the UKBA and with those colleges whose HTS applications have been refused. We have devised a quantitative system to obtain clarification regarding the reasons for the refusal of the HTS application. So far Penningtons has successfully overturned many HTS refusals and continues to assist colleges in obtaining a HTS licence.

It remains essential that colleges which have been refused an HTS licence take legal advice as soon as possible; an HTS refusal could trigger enforcement action in relation to the current licence.