A trainee pharmacist technician was employed at a pharmacy but was not enrolled in a training course. The trainee claimed that because she was not being provided with training she was entitled to minimum wage rather than the lower training wage. The pharmacy refused to pay minimum wage and the trainee complained to the Department of Labour. The pharmacy claimed that it was the trainee's fault that she was not enrolled in the course and refused to progress her enrolment until the trainee withdrew her complaint. The trainee resigned and brought a claim for constructive dismissal. The Authority found that the trainee was correct that the pharmacy could only pay the lower training wage when she was receiving training and that she was therefore entitled to minimum wage. The Authority concluded that there was an unjustified constructive dismissal, commenting that there "could be no clearer case of an employer putting unreasonable pressure on an employee to withdraw a claim for moneys to which she was entitled…". The pharmacy was ordered to pay $5,000 compensation for emotional injury together with $3,000 as a contribution to lost wages. O'Sullivan v Maori Hill and Balmacewen Pharmacy Limited [2011] NZERA Christchurch 115