The Michigan Legislature recently approved significant changes to the Michigan Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”). The new requirements under FOIA include the following:

  • Public bodies must use a standard form to provide a detailed itemization of any fee charged under the FOIA. 
  • Public bodies must create a written public summary of the procedures, which must include instructions about how to submit FOIA requests and how to understand a public body’s written responses.
  • Public bodies must provide a written summary of deposit requirements, fee calculations, and avenues for challenge and appeal. 
  • If the public body has a website, it must post and maintain the procedures and guidelines and its written public summary on its website. There are also additional requirements for providing copies of the procedures and guidelines and summary.

The attorneys at Foster Swift are working to develop procedures, guidelines, summaries and detailed itemization forms for fees. If you need any assistance in developing these documents or if you have questions about the regulations, the attorneys at Foster Swift can assist.