Précis - A new start-up, Total Boox, is soon to offer an innovative e-book service where customers only have to pay for the pages of books that they actually read.

What? Total Boox is an Israeli start-up offering customers a pay-as-you-go service for e-books. Customers top up their account, whether by credit card or PayPal. They can then browse all of Total Boox's available titles. Chosen e-books are downloaded to the customer's e-reader but the reader will only be charged for those pages of the book they read.

So what? Whilst pay-as-you-go models are common in many industries, this would appear to be the first time such a model has been applied to e-books. The innovative service may prove popular with those people who find they often abandon books part way through and may be of particular interest for books which are more aligned to this concept in nature – for example, recipe books.  Some critics may say that the service will only encourage people to give up when reading books. However, Total Boox describes the service as a "new and highly attractive business model" where customers "read first - pay later" which "assists publishers and authors in engaging the right readers".

The app is currently only available for Android tablets on Google Play. Total Boox plans to launch its services in early 2013.