On 22 March 2018, former Bosnian military leader Ratko Mladić appealed his conviction, challenging his life sentence and stating that the errors of law should invalidate the judgment and the errors of fact caused a miscarriage of justice.

The defence submitted that Mladić’s rights to due process were violated on various grounds. They stated that “the volume and magnitude of errors in the Judgment is unprecedented. This is typified by the most basic mistakes being littered throughout the Judgement.” Amongst other matters, they raised concerns that the trial court had relied upon discredited witnesses, that victims were not differentiated by their role as civilians or military and that the trial chamber admitted into evidence incidents which were non-identifiable. Broadly, the defence alleged bias against Mladić which resulted in the evidence not being objectively reviewed.

The defence noted that Mladić has not yet been provided with a copy of the judgment in a language he understands so they reserve the right to raise further grounds for appeal in due course.

On the same day, the prosecution also appealed parts of the judgment on the basis that the trial chamber erred in not finding the elements of the offence, including the crime of genocide pursuant to count 1 on his indictment.

It has not been yet been announced when any decision on appeal will be made.