The Interagency Task Force on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) created by President Barack Obama (D) has issued a report that includes recommendations on how to overcome barriers to the widespread cost- effective deployment of CCS within 10 years. CCS represents technologies for capturing, compressing, transporting, and permanently storing power plant and industrial source emissions of carbon dioxide. The report concludes that CCS can play a crucial role in domestic greenhouse gas (GHG) emis- sions reductions while preserving the option of using coal and other abundant domestic fossil energy resources. The report includes input from 14 federal agencies and departments, stakeholders and CCS experts.

The report’s main findings and recommendations include the following: (i) “there are no insurmountable technical, legal, institutional, or other barriers to the deployment of CCS”; (ii) cost-effective deploy- ment of CCS cannot occur unless a carbon price is in place; (iii) a standing federal agency roundtable and expert committee should be created to coor- dinate federal actions with respect to CCS; and (iv) four viable approaches to limiting long-term liability include relying on existing frameworks, limiting claims, setting up a trust fund, and trans- ferring liability to the federal government (with contingencies). The report also recommends a federal coordinated effort to track regulatory imple- mentation for early commercial CCS demonstration projects and the development of a comprehensive outreach strategy that would include the general public and decision makers.