As nonprofit federal grantees begin to live out policies and procedures that conform to the Uniform Guidance, compliance and legal departments are faced with an unprecedented number of real-world issues that arise from the implementation of those new policies. This program will feature both public (USAID Inspector General's Office) and private (Venable LLP and BDO) practitioners in a discussion on how to create trust with your federal partners in working through some of the trickiest compliance scenarios. We will discuss how to foster trust, cooperation, and collaboration between grantees and their federal agencies through the creation of important internal controls and reporting mechanisms. We also will discuss practical approaches to a culture of ethics and compliance that add tangible value to grantees by strengthening an organization’s internal controls. Specifically, the panel will focus on:

  • Improving internal controls that reveal the potential for noncompliance before an issue arises: To avoid the possibility of disclosable noncompliance, nonprofit grantees should consider a number of ways to assess risk, to ferret out, deter, and mitigate fraud, waste, and abuse; and
  • How to appropriately approach ethical reporting obligations: To prepare for the situation that must be reported to a federal agency or a higher-tiered grantee, learn how to go about gathering information for those disclosures, and when and how to report such issues.

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