On 1 March 2017, the UK government set out its new digital economy strategy. The government expressed its commitment to implementing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) noting that it will “ensure a shared and higher standard of protection for consumers and their data”. The government reiterated that it will seek to ensure data flows with European Union member states remain uninterrupted after the UK exits the EU, although the strategy does not provide any detail on how the government will try to achieve this aim. Cybersecurity is also a key focus of the new strategy. The government plans to explore the use of the GDPR and other regulatory tools to “drive improvements in cyber risk management across the economy”. The recently established National Cyber Security Centre will provide a centre of expertise on cybersecurity, issuing advisory guidance for public and private sector organisations, as well as managing national cybersecurity incidents. The government has emphasised that the strategy is a framework and that they encourage businesses and other stakeholders to submit proposals to central government with ideas for how to grow and develop the UK’s digital economy