The NAIC’s Mortgage Guaranty Insurance (E) Working Group (the “MGIWG”) held a meeting at the NAIC Spring 2013 National Meeting to discuss the comments that the MGIWG has received on a draft document called “Concepts - List of Potential Regulatory Changes”, which the MGIWG had previously exposed for comments and which sets forth the problems that the MGIWG has identified in the current regulation of mortgage guaranty insurance that might warrant changes to the NAIC’s Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Model Act (the “MGI Model Act”). As discussed in our March 2013 bulletin, the MGIWG was created to consider what changes might be necessary, if any, to the solvency regulation of mortgage guaranty insurers in the United States and to make recommendations for any such proposed changes to the NAIC’s Financial Condition (E) Committee including possible changes to the MGI Model Act.