Back on 29 November 2011 HM Treasury published its National Infrastructure Plan 2011 ("2011 Infrastructure Plan") which recognised the importance of relevant sector regulators ensuring regulatory frameworks did not discourage shared works, facilities or revenue sharing and emphasised the importance of taking a joined-up approach to infrastructure.

The Joint Regulators Group ("JRG") is an association of the UK's economic and competition regulators that facilitates cross-regulator working groups and aims to exchange learnings on topics relevant to regulation within the UK.  The JRG has established such a working group to progress the recommendations set out in the 2011 Infrastructure Plan (the "JRG Working Group").

The JRG Working Group appreciates that infrastructure sharing and revenue sharing across sectors is a complex issue and that there may be cases where coordination may not generate material benefits of any costs imposed.  To aid its understanding of the issues the JRG has issued a call for inputs inviting stakeholders in the communications industry to identify any issues that they think may be relevant.  The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets ("OFGEM") and the Office of Rail Regulation ("ORR") will also be consulting with relevant stakeholders in the sectors that they regulate.  Responses to JRG's call for inputs have been requested by 5pm on 17 December 2012.