On 20 November 2013, at its annual conference, officials within EIOPA delivered speeches on, amongst other matters, EIOPA's developing role and insurance industry developments. Notable points addressed included that EIOPA (a) will consult on Solvency II technical standards as early as possible in 2014 (to ensure timely industry implementation ahead of Solvency II's application date) and (b) EIOPA will conduct a comprehensive stress test exercise in 2014 (with low interest rates as a particular focus). It was also emphasised that a united EU voice on ComFrame (the Common Framework for the Supervision of Internationally Active Insurance Groups) and the global insurance capital standard could significantly influence international debate in this area. Interestingly, EIOPA noted that the EU should be open to making adjustments to Solvency II, if necessary, to ensure that insurers are subject to only one capital standard. The speeches also reiterated calls for increased independence and powers of inquiry for EIOPA.